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Ugh it's 9:55am and here lies another day in my now fulltime work regime. When I started for Morrisons I was on 23 hours a week but now it's been upgraded to 40 hours a week. It's good though because even though I work 11:30am-8:30pm five days a week, I can still get in my rping after work, and now my dad has a new job that works nights, I don't have to wait for him to go to bed before I get the comp- I can just come home and go on. I had to drop some rpgs so I gotta update my info again, but the ones I'm in now are what I'm staying in.

Morrisons is starting to piss me off and I want to move to a different chain of supermarkets called Tescos. Mom works for Tescos and they treat you so good as their motto is "If the staff are happy the customers are happy". They got no jobs going at the moment so I have to wait and stay at morrisons. Going to see if I can upgrade my bank card so I can use it online and then I can get userpics, rename token, permenant account etc etc.

epinoia I'm glad to see you're settling in okay. And I know you wouldn't, but if you ever need to rant then use Eljay too. You mentionnned about it in your last post and the point is even though Eljay isn't in the real world, you can pick up perspectives from Eljay friends that you may never get from the Real Life people you know- even if it's pet peeves like messy people. If people get really pissy and offended at it, then they aren;t worth it. I mean I'm messy I can't keep my room clean to save my life, but I wouldn't be offended if someone bitched about messy people ♥ ♥

God I don't want to go to work. I have Sunday's off and I KNOW It's going to drag because I have tomorrow off. I'll be counting down till 8:30pm. xD

Oh and sure lets do this. Ask any of my characters a question, and they'll answer. It can be anything.



...can you see a pattern somewhere...? LMFAO.

Bird flu is going to hit England soon. A parrot died today of it, but it was from another country and had been in quarrantine, but I can't see how you quarrantine something airborne. They say if it mutates into a virus for humans, which it will, it'll kill 50 thousand brits. SO! If Bird FLu hits the UK and I suddenly go offline, then those damned chickens I sell at work got their revenge. ♥
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This'll sound weird but thanks Usagi Kou~~~~ XD

I went to bingo with mom and she writes names of her best friends on each of her five tickets. So I wrote five online friends names on mine, and the one that won was the one with "Usagi Kou" scrawled on it <33 I bought a new hat with my winnings, will take piccies later <333
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*pokes LJ* Hmm don't even think of blowing up on me.

Okay what can I say? (Again). It is like, 6:20am, the usual time I update my LJ, and my brain has shrivelled up and died xD Actually, I think it did that a LONG time ago :D

I have an 8am-12pm shift today. So short. I don't know if I want to come home and speak to people on AIM, play Ragnarok Online, or possibly even Zelda: Wind Waker. I have a feeling if I play Zelda it'll end up gonig out the bedroom window in a fit of british fury! KYAH! >O It pisses me off just thinking about it! I need my Endo fix *opens up PGSM episode* ....

I wonder if he's taken a restraining order out on me yet xD Lee would agree with me there - I'm like one of those weird fans that the person HOPES TO GOD never finds out where they live >D.

Going to pay for my account in the next month. Don't ask me why- I will though. I hope there's phone posting for UK people or I'll keeeeelll them, but keeeeell them slow.

My AIM is Macht des Mondes and I'm goig to stop hiding for now. I'm getting there :D.

Hm randomage.

Bleach, bleach bleach, bleach... rocks my socks :O

Oh and Lee, I'm still giggling over the "PGSM Zoi is a washing detergent advert", and it's like, later :D.

SO! If anyone wants me, I should be on in like, 8am EST time ~_~
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Do de do. Well what can I say? I'm still working for Morrisons (Booo!). xD That's it really. I find myself wondering if I should go on holiday to the states this year or not. I don't think people on the internet would like it if I turned up. But if anyone knows any interesting US places to visit, please tell me.

Oh and could all you guys keep an eye out for jobs that offer visa sponsorship? I'm going to try and get a job in the states if possible, but it's completely shut off from this end :3